• Computer errors and crashes
• Issues with printers & peripherals
• Internet and network connectivity and wireless issues

System Assessments

• Computer performance tune ups
• Error detection and resolution
• Operating system upgrades

System Security

• Security status evaluations
• Virus and malware removal
• No cost software solutions for malware monitoring

Data Management

• Lost data restoration
• Hassle-free backup solutions
• Data migration for new computers and mobile devices

User Training

• Computers
• Software
• Peripherals
• Mobile devices

Are you confident in your online security, the reliability of your computers and the safety of your data?

Home users lacking support and guidance face an onslaught of uncertainties. Unforeseen challenges such as viruses, unchecked security breaches, internet connectivity issues and the ever-dreaded loss of data resulting from unexpected computer failure.

In an increasingly online connected world, identity theft is an unfortunate and undeniable threat. Internet banking, online shopping, performing credit checks and even social media use pose a grave and far too often overlooked risk of exposing your personal information to prying eyes.

Whether you are seeking assistance with an unresponsive computer, a system checkup, advice on upgrades to your current systems or would simply like some hands-on training: we are here to help. We offer a personable no rush approach to support and user training and strive to end our visits knowing that your needs have been met and your questions fully answered.

In addition to onsite visits, we offer services via remove access in order to expedite resolutions and lower costs. We strive to keep our rates competitive and to provide clear pricing schemes with no hidden fees.